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Northern livingNorthern living was acquired by Metacraft in later May 2014. After a re-design and the inclusion of some of the pre-existing articles it was relaunched on 1st of June. The monthly statistics reveal that we had 30454 unique visitors in June! Well what can I say, thank you all for calling by and I hope you found something interesting...

We've some interesting articles planned for the coming weeks and if you heel we're neglecting something important you can always submit your articles and vies here, we'd love to hear from you. Last month Mary J. from Oldham sent us a selection of traditional Lancastrian dishes. So who's going to take up the mantle for Yorkshire this month?!!

So let's see what July has in store.....

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Yorkshire Businesses lead the economic recovery

Yorkshire Businesses lead the economic recoveryJulian Pitts, regional managing partner for Begbies Traynor in Yorkshire, commented: “With distress levels falling at a record pace, this quarter’s improvement appears to be the first real sign that Yorkshire’s economy, along with the UK economy as a whole, has turned a corner towards a sustained recovery.

“However we have real fears that many SMEs will have serious financial difficulties at the time they least expect – during a recovery. Our experience has shown time and time again that many SMEs, which are the powerhouse of the economy, run out of cash during the recovery phase, as there is a real temptation to overtrade. In Yorkshire, as in the rest of the UK, we need to provide the support that these businesses need to recover.”

The latest Begbies Traynor Red Flag Alert research for Q2 2013 has revealed that levels of ‘critical’ business distress in Yorkshire have fallen by 45% compared to Q2 2012, raising hopes of a sustained economic recovery. The fall in distress exceeds the rate of improvement for the UK as a whole, which saw a 39% decrease in ‘critical’ distress levels. Across all sectors, Yorkshire businesses experiencing ‘critical’ financial problems reduced from 366 in Q2 2012 to 203 in Q2 2013, suggesting a significant turnaround in the health of the regional economy. On a quarterly basis, the improvement continued with levels of ‘critical’ distress falling 18% from 248 in Q1 2013.

The number of Yorkshire businesses experiencing less serious ‘significant’ levels of financial distress remains high but is also improving, reducing 17% year on year from 13,514 cases in Q2 2012 to 11,168 in Q2 2013, and on a quarterly basis falling 6% from 11,821 in Q1 2013. Across the UK as a whole, ‘significant’ distress levels decreased by 18%.

New Business Concept for Yorkshire

New Business Concept for YorkshirePeter Chubb, Development Director at Weetwood Hall Conference Centre and Hotel, Leeds, has created a forward thinking concept to bring conferences to life during this tough business market.

Peter has developed a business model in which people who have a unique concept or special interest for a convention or event can host their idea at Weetwood Hall. The concept is titled Inspirational Conventions and Events (ICE) where conferences are set up on diverse subjects and topics that inspire conversation, feed the imagination and demand to be explored.

Each event is researched and run by a specialist programme director, an expert in the subject field, who will set the programme, uncover the best key-note speakers and identify external events and excursions, where applicable.

The conferences give people the opportunity to present their passion to an audience where they would not otherwise be able to. The first conference will take place in July 2014 and is a First World War in Retrospect Conference, remembering the outbreak of the First World War in its centenary year. It will be directed by Dr Peter Liddle who has spent the past 40 years interviewing people who have been in and affected by the First World War. Dr Liddle, along with 18 expert speakers will be presenting various aspects of the outbreak of WW1.

The second of the ICE conferences is titled Appreciating Aspects of Art where eight speakers will discuss the socio-historical background to great Yorkshire names such as David Hockney, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, interspersed with opportunities to meet and be addressed by contemporary artists such as Margaret Harrison, 2013 winner of the North’s answer to the Turner Prize, and Kane Cunningham, who created a studio in Knipe Point Drive, a house falling down a cliff on the eroding coastline of Yorkshire.

Peter Chubb said: “The idea of the concept came to me as I found there was a need to revolutionise the way conferences are held and create a concept in which likeminded enthusiasts could connect in specialised subjects. Most ICE events will take place over a number of days and can be residential or non-residential. They provide the opportunity for people to listen, reflect and gain a fresh perspective on different topics. So far we have received a lot of interest in our two conferences and I look forward to hearing about future concepts.”

Weetwood Hall Conference Centre
Otley Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS16 5PS -  0113 230 6000

The rise of Informal Business Networking Groups

The rise of informal business networking groupsInformal business groups are an emeging marketing strategy in the UK which has been greatly assisted by the harnessing of social media. Throughout the UK there are hundreds of chambers of commerce and similar organisations, but these are often considered prohibitive by SMEs and those embarking on new ventures. Among the various cost involved in starting a new business the cost of an annual membership might well be low on the agenda. There is also often a presumption that these more formal systems might be have pre-existant trading infrastructure.

Informal business groups offer members the opportunity to meet, often for breakfast and a hot drink to network and exchange ideas, which assists in keeping trade and business within a local economy where possible. If you can buy a service locally from somebody whom you can deal with face to face this is often a much more appealing and cost effective solution. Why use an anonymous national corporation with the embedded additional cost, when you can buy the same or a better level of service from a business in your local area?

Selby Business Buddies is an example of this new form of business networking. They meet every couple of weeks over breakfast and a hot drink to chat informally amongst themselves. There is a minimal fee for each meeting which covers the cost of your breakfast and the meetings are arranged through the Facebook group This is a fledgling group but there are already testimonials on the group page proving that deals have been struck between local businesses who might otherwise have not been aware of each others existence.

Long may this continue.

If there's no such group in your locality, why not start one?

Vehicle Signage

Arc Sign are based in Selby and have over 18 years experience in all aspects of signage.Advertising your business or services can be a confusing and sometimes costly matter, but are you utilising the assets that you already have? Your vehicles, van fleets or sales cars, whatever they might be, use them to their full potential. Your vehicles are indirect contact with existing customers and more importantly potential new ones. They are without doubt your companies ultimate moving advert or billboard. 

The use of vehicle lettering and signage is an effective advertising campaign and an excellent low cost option when compared to more conventional advertising costs and mediums. For example standard billboards, printed media or direct mail, such as flyers and leaflets.

Some of the main benefits of vehicle graphics are:-

• Cost effective low cost advertising
• Take advantage of existing advertising space, existing vehicles
• A fantastic creative billboard on the move
• A modern and new medium that turns heads
• An immediate and noticeable response
• Fast and effective brand awareness

In our current financial climate we need to ensure we are all getting a fast and definite return on our advertising. Your vehicles are the way forward, in more ways than one.....

Arc Sign are based in Selby and have over 18 years experience in all aspects of signage. They specialise in vehicle lettering and graphics and have numerous business customers throughout the area. Some examples of their recent work can be found by clicking here Arc Sign are located at:-

Unit 3 The Mayfair Industrial Park,
Vivars Way Canal Road
North Yorkshire

Craig can be contacted on 01757 210060 or mobile - 07825 339712

Other services include signage for local authorities and banner signage for local events and functions. Full details are available here


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