Web Pro News – The Website owners friend, or an online tabloid?

Northern Living - Is Web Pro News – The website owners friend, or an online tabloid?If you have a website for your business you will doubtlessly have received Web Pro News emails. Their ability to acquire email addresses is one of the mysteries of the modern world, it would seem. Some of you will have un-subscribed (Probably several times) whilst others might briefly glance over some of the endless stream of articles they send you way. Certainly with articles such as this, they are intending to catch your attention:-

“Is Google Making Too Many Changes To Search?

Google celebrated the ten year anniversary of its initial public offering this week, and reflected on the past decade of search and some of the major changes it has made. Everybody knows that Google is constantly changing its algorithm. They've said in the past that they make changes every day (sometimes multiple changes). It would appear, however, that the changes Google makes (algorithmic and otherwise) are only getting more rapid. Amit Singhal, who runs search at Google, took to Google+ to talk about how far the search engine has come over the past ten years. The highlights he mentioned as the “biggest milestones” of the past ten years include: Autocomplete, Translations, Directions and Traffic, Universal Search, Mobile and New Screens, Voice Search, Actions, The Knowledge Graph, “Info just for you,” and “answers before you ask.” Some of this stuff is indeed truly remarkable. I certainly wouldn't want to go back to the time before instant search results. For that matter, the omnibox in Chrome was a revolutionary change in my opinion, and isn't even mentioned. Some of the features have been more controversial. Knowledge Graph, for one, has kept who knows how many clicks away from third-party sites. A lot of people aren't too happy with the way search has evolved to keep people on Google rather than sending them to relevant sites as it originally did. Either way, I wouldn't expect Google to reverse course on that anytime soon. Singhal also mentioned that Google made over 890 “improvements” to search last year......."

But is there editorial style really useful to the serious web developer, business own or IT department manager? This obviously depends on the individuals information needs. However if you allow for the fact that the tabloid editorial style is mostly bravado. Their willingness to indulge in a little Google bashing from time to time is commercially driven by their alternative search interests. Also that their market position allows access to individuals for interview purposes who would otherwise be inaccessible, on balance I'd be inclined to say yes.

Subscribe to their News letter, if not necessarily all of their opinions......


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