TSÚ – Does it have potential for business?

TSÚ – Does it have potential for business?TSU (Pronounced Sue, apparently) has caused quite a stir in the Social Media world. There have been several attempts the create competition for Facebook in recent months and the idea of being paid for tinkering on the Internet is as old as, well the Internet I think. TSÚ is probably the only realistic contender. Unless you're a serious Social Media addict and are prepared to really make a pest of yourself, you'll probably never make a fortune here. But TSÚ has some really attractive features for businesses which either aren't present on Facebook, or appear to have been added as an afterthought. When you create your profile you'll notice that there are no restrictions. If you are a business user you proceed in just the same way as an individual. TSÚ anticipates users wanting to see a return on their invested time, so such restrictions are pointless. You are also encouraged to integrate your YouTube, Tumble, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The benefits are obvious, if not they soon will be. Clicking 'Find Friends' might not yield vast rewards as yet, for early adopters. But it's a fast growing network so there will soon be considerably greater numbers of folk you know to connect with. Actually this is not a problem, because the invitation system allows you the opportunity to make small amounts of money by inviting your friends to join TSÚ. I'll not go into the complexities of the revenue model here. It's explained at great detail and very honestly on the site.

Posting your first Status is smooth, simple and has a nice integrated feel to it. If you include an external link there is an automatic preview generator which seems considerably faster and more accurate than it's Facebook counterpart. You can easily kill the preview and simply add your own picture. You can also give your article a title, which is a nice touch. The clever thing is that you can post directly from TSÚ to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. TSÚ also has the function to connect to your Facebook Business Pages which allows you to post directly as your business entity.

So all in all although it's early days, I'd say TSÚ has a great deal of potential for the more serious user. If you're more into posting pictures of cute cats you might not find it very rewarding. But who knows, it depends on how cute the cats are, I guess.

So if you're curious, Click here as they say. At least you'll be able to see my attempt at creating a profile and writing this at the same time. TSÚ is by invitation only at the moment, so take this as your invitation from me!!!


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