The Power of Persistence

Northern Living - The Power of PersistenceBack in June 2014 Metacraft bought Northern Living from a gentleman who had decided to retire. Although over the previous eight years he had started to process of evolving the publication from a purely printed format into a digital entity, he had paused some way from completion. We had fresh ideas, however. 

From the replacement of the old hyphenated domain name and it's original and slightly outdated website, the process of regaining lost ground with the search engines was always going to require the investment of some considerable time. But building a solid following on the various social media platforms has greatly accelerated the process. After a little less than six months Northern Living is where it should be in the search results forthe first time quite a while, on the first page. During the site restructuring accessibility and transparency have always be at the forefront of the underlying design. This has resulted in impressive search results for our paying customer articles which often out rank their own web sites in the search results.

Take a phrase such as 'Turkish restaurant Selby' you'll find our review article on the first page of Google, usually directly beneath the paid listing. Their own web site is usually on the fourth or fifth page of the Google. The same applies to our un-sponsored interest articles. Try searching for ' The Ancient origins of Gravadlax “ for example.

It doesn't matter how your customers find you on the internet as long as they find you above your competitors when searching for your product or services. But it's great when our articles bring your business to the attention of new customers on the first page of the various search engine. We know we are doing our job right.


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