Innovation in commercial food manufacturing materials.

Ulrick & Short LimitedIt is good to see research and investment going into a more natural, sustainable and probably healthier approach to commercial food production ingredients. Although much of the public perception about E Numbers is based on misinformation a natural alternative is always more palatable to the purchasing public. Also there are some notable oddities loitering in the E number list of EEC approved food ingredients. I personally would avoid anything with the additive E236 Formic acid  shown on the label. Formic acid, the active ingredients in some insect venom has no place at the dinner table, as far as I'm concerned!

So the list of milled ingredients supplied by Ulrick & Short Ltd near Pontefract makes refreshing reading.

“At Ulrick & Short we design, develop and supply food ingredients in the form of starches, proteins, fibres and flours derived from wheat, tapioca, maize, rice and sweet potato. Using one or blending a mix of ingredients from our range can help deliver a variety of functions including:

  • Texture and stability control
  • Fat replacement
  • Phosphate removal
  • Glazing and coating,
  • Removal of egg
  • Binding and emulsifying

Our raw materials are processed by approved partners worldwide, who hold world-class accreditations such as BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, IFS and FSSC22000. The quality of our food ingredients is assured by our accredited HACCP and QM Systems. These rigorous systems are audited annually against the NSF Due Diligence Standard in which we have always achieved the highest Gold level. Our attention to detail doesn’t stop there; we offer full technical support for all our ingredients, guiding you from kitchen development to factory trials to ensure you get the best from our ingredients.“

Maybe these ingredients are not available to the general public, but included in commercial products they have to be a better alternative than some of the commercially available additives presently used.

Ulrick & Short Limited, Walton Wood Farm, Thorpe Audlin, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 3HQ


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