Sharpen York - Mobile Knife regrinding service

Sharpen York - Mobile Knife regrinding serviceSharpen York have reinvented a service which was until recently only available for restaurants and butchers. They now provide a mobile knife sharpening service for domestic knives, commercial kitchen knives and butchers knives throughout the York area.

Using a slow speed three grade belt grinder and diamond steels, they guarantee to return your much loved knives to new bought sharpness. Not only do they guarantee that your knives will be razor sharp but the service is carried out in the Greenest possible way. York is after all at ideal city for as service like this to be provided by push bike.

Appointments are available during the afternoon and early evening for home visits. For restaurants and butchers, mornings and out of service appointments can be arranged to cause the minimum possible disruption.

Prices are as low as £3 per blade which is considerably less than replacing your knife and payment can be made by cash, card or contactless device.

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:- 07598 382309



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