Windows 8 - There Is Another Way.

Easthill Computers SelbyMany businesses rely on mobility in order to thrive in today’s market place. Traditional fixed location office obviously still have a place in the economy, but many smaller businesses find the convenience of being able to work in various different locations invaluable. At the heart of this mobile ethos are fast and reliable electronic gadgets. Laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc. Gone are the days when a top specification laptop could just about manage without it's own sub-station for two hours at the most. Although many of us complain about the battery life of our smart phones, the truth is that they perform functions which would have been seen a Witchcraft as little as 15 years ago!

Most steps in technology and the software which drives them are regarded as progressive, both by the designers and the end users. But it is the view of many users of PC operating systems that Windows 8 is actually a retrograde step. Certainly if your intentions are to perform reasonably complex office functions rather than just checking your emails, you might initially find it troublesome and it will certainly slow you down. Windows 8 comes into it's own when used on a touch screen device. The swipe motion many of us now use on mobiles as second nature combined with the coloured tablet icons make the graphic user interface a pleasure to use. But how many of us are prepared to pay for a touch screen laptop presently? Without the benefits of touch screen it becomes rather hard work. Navigation is reduced to endless scrolling from left to right in the hope of spotting your required application as it glides past at ever increasing speed.

But for those of us who prefer a more traditional approach to navigation but are not interested in delving into the more exotic operating systems, there is another way. Windows 7 is still very much alive and kicking. The Pro version offers all the features you'd expect from an operating system designed with office integration in mind.

It just feels more like it means business and less like a toy.

For example:-

Lenovo i3 2.4Ghz processor,
4Gb RAM,
500Gb HDD,
15.6" HD Screen,
Windows 7 Pro.

Idea for home of office use and at only £449 inc VAT

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