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Lunch at The Treehouse – Selby

Northern Living - Lunch at The Treehouse – SelbyI Had lunch with a long term on-line friend today at The Treehouse in Selby.

Normally you'd start a food review with a commentary on the food. Convention has never been my thing.

Staff. Well in a past life as a publican I would have paid those ladies an hourly bonus just to sit at the bar. Not wishing to sound my middle aged years of 762, it's always been one of the most challenging parts of any job involving people. You can receive a shining CV, interview the person in question and after the first shift realise that they actually hate the general public. At The Treehouse today it couldn't have been further from this nightmare situation. Staff who are obviously happy in their work really don't need to try to impress you, the customer. It just shines through.

Toilets. Before we get to food. The gents is on the first floor. Which is sensible usage of the space available, the building is probably listed and even if not the road would be the only place available to extend into. Nobody wants pictures of gents toilets. They are (A) Good (B) Hideous (C) Other. I'll go with (C) other. I'm slightly ashamed to say their loo smelt fresher than the one at home!! - Note to self, sort it out!!!

So down to food. That's why we were there, after all... I had the Chicken Club Sandwich. Before I continue it is fair to say that I don't generally eat at lunchtime. Mainly because it makes me want to sleep the afternoon away. However..... Look I'm still awake. But this is not thanks to that sandwich. Or should it be more reasonably titled Chicken Mountain Sandwich! I really can't think of anything else they could have put between slicked of bread whilst still sticking to the Chicken concept. As a measure of the scale of this titanic buttie, we started eating at 1.25pm and left at 3.10pm and I'd only managed about ¾ of it. Neglected most of my fries and only managed to pick at my salad.....

That has to be a 10/10 for The Treehouse. Only one very pedantic suggestion. Cutting the crust off the bread might be good. But who wants my opinion, I'll be asleep in 10 minutes!

The picture really doesn't do the presentation justice. I'd pulling the skewer out and had the prop everything up as it didn't all want to stay on the plate. Sorry folks!

Great food, great staff, great décor. What more can you say?

1 Gowthorpe, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 4HE

01757 707810 


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