Wharfedale Fine Cheeses was established in 2012. We have a passion for tasting and sharing handmade cheese that has been lovingly made in God's own country, Yorkshire. We also like to bring you artisan cheese from the rest of the UK as well as further afield across Europe. With access to over 1000 cheeses we feel confident that there is something for everyone.

Wharfedale Fine Cheeses

Wharfedale Fine Chesses attend a number of markets and farmers markets in the West Yorkshire region as follows:-

Wharfedale Fine CheesesWe also arrange cheese tasting events for small to medium sized parties, either in your own home or in a village hall, institute, public house etc. Below are the details for “Soft, Runny &  a little bit Smelly” A cheese club event hosted at The Menstone public house in Menston, Leeds:-

"Following the success of May’s Cheese Club event, it is with pleasure that Wharfedale Fine Cheeses announce the second Cheese Club event at The Menstone this year. Again we shall be holding this event at The Menstone, why, because it’s a great little room, the people that came last time were fantastic, oh and of course, there is a bar!!!! So, after having a Taste of Shepherds Purse, what can we expect from this one, how about, Soft, Runny and a little bit Smelly! As before there will be 10 cheeses for you to try, take a little bit at first, if you like it you can always get some more. 

What will there be, things like Brie De Meaux, Epoisses, St Marcellin, Golden Cenarth, Stinking Bishop to name but a few. "