Buckinghamshire bacon badger recipeBadger, surely not! Bacon Badger its a traditional recipe from Buckinghamshire which we've borrowed and enhanced slightly. Named after the appearance of the large stuffed roll, suffice it to say that no real badgers are harmed during the preparation of this recipe.


The Pastry

225 Grams Self raising flour

1 pinch Salt and freshly milled black pepper

100 Grams Suet 

1 heaped tbsp Fresh parsley Chopped

8 tbsps Cold water

For the filling

1 large Badger – Joking!

400 Grams Gammon Cubed

1 large White onion Cubed

1 large Potato Cubed

2 cloves of garlic crushed

6 Handfuls Fresh sage leaves Chopped

1 handful Fresh parsley Chopped

1 pinch Black mustard seeds crushed


(1) To make the suet pastry, simply sift the flour and salt and pepper into a large mixing bowl. Add the suet and chopped parsley and adding the water bring it all together to form a nice dough.  Cover and chill.

(2) In a large roasting tin, add diced gammon, onions, potato, garlic, the freshly chopped herbs and the crushed black mustard seeds, combine. Roast in a moderate oven for 30 minutes, remove and cool slightly.

(3) Onto a well floured worktop roll out the pastry into a generous rectangle.  Fill with the mixture, wetting the edges with water, roll up like a large pasty and seal together. Place a tea towel on the worktop and onto that place a sheet of foil with a sheet of buttered greaseproof paper on top and place your badger in the middle.  Roll it all up and tie the ends with string.

(4) Steam for 1 hrs 30 mins over a pan of boiling water. Then remove tea towel and open foil and grease proof to reveal the feast.  Finish off by baking at 180c, to give the pastry a golden crust, for 20 mins.