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Gusto Restaurants - Not just another chain!Gusto  have 18 Italian styled restaurants across the United Kingdom. Unlike many food chains Gusto offer traditional Italian Food with a twist. Made from high quality ingredients which are delivered to each branch on a daily basis. Their staff are welcoming and enthusiast front of house and the in the kitchen you will find talented and inspired chefs from throughout the EU.

There is a Dinner Club available in all branches which offers a discount of 20% on booking and various seasonal offers, making a high end restaurant experience no more costly than a simple takeaway. But if you prefer to eat at home, they do also offer a delivery service! So get the cutlery out and wait for the chap on a bike to bring your pipping hot and freshly made meal!

What do people say? “I don't do chain restaurants for dinner and Gusto is a chain restaurant, albeit a small chain but it is an exception. Over the last couple of years I have found myself making reasons to re-visit and actually joined their Diners Club which gives perks to regular diners. Why am I reviewing now? We someone gave me Gusto vouchers for Christmas and I realised that though I constantly say "I don't do chains" others realised I was in denial about Gusto. Service is always friendly and efficient even when busy. It IS noisy but I call it bustle! The menu changes a couple of times a year and the food is always tasty and a bit different from the pizza/pasta places around ( they do some really different pizza'pasta though). For the style of restaurant and the varied menu, prices are not much different from the more basic pizza places in the city and if you are a diners club member or when they have off season deals, this value increases even more. So, if like me you don't like chain Italian pizza places, try this chain restaurant for an exception to the rule.” Via TripAdvisor

In an Internet world where sites like Trip Advisor are used by keyboard warriors this is high praise indeed!

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