An Idea Oppertunity

Do you have an interest in good food and drink?

Looking for a genuine work from home business opportunity?

Interested in making good money from your time on-line?

An on-line business with a low initial investment and rapid return?

We've all read the scam averts for work from home opportunities, “Make £1000000 in 20 seconds”, this is not one of those I'm pleased to say!!!!

Northern Living Magazine created Selby Cuisine over 3 years ago. Based around a Facebook group and dedicated section of the magazine website. Selby Cuisine was originally intended to promote a couple of restaurants and an independent butchers who we represented in the town. Over the last few years with a certain amount of experimentation we have fine tuned the concept and now have restaurants and public houses contacting us on a daily basis to use our promotional services. The core concept is very simply. We write food related articles, recipes, promotional articles and links for our local clients, to stimulate conversation in the group about all things cuisine. In return we receive a turnover of between £800 and £1200 per month, having invested a couple of hours per day. Have a look at the Selby Cuisine Group ( It's a closed group to assist with post management, but feel free to click 'Join', we'll be pleased to add you to the group)

Over the last few months we have been approached by several individuals and businesses wishing to operate their own enterprise in adjoining regions. Hence our decision to offer this opportunity to a wider audience.

What you'll need:-

  • A Facebook account.
  • Basic computer literacy and the ability to write interesting short articles
  • An interest in good food and drink
  • The confidence to approach local restaurant and pub businesses.
  • The ambition and drive to make your business succeed.

What you receive from us:-

  • A dedicated business email account (,, etc) The format is entirely up to you and can indicate your location or your name. We have installation scripts for the major email clients or can easily talk you through accessing your email account. 
  • A specific section under Food & Drink in the  Northern Living website ( Where we will post a selection from our extensive recipe archive on a regular basis. You can also sell Advertorial articles to your clients. Full statistics are provided on a monthly cycle.
  • Full set-up suggestions for your Facebook group and ongoing 1-to-1 support. Our team have extensive business to business promotional sales expertise which we are more than happy to share.
  • Access to our graphic and web design services at wholesale price, should you need them. You'll find that most restaurants and pubs already have high quality websites from which you can extract promotion graphics. But if you need our assistance we are here to help.
  • Guaranteed region with no competing agencies.

If this sounds like the ideal opportunity for you, fill in your details below and we will be please to send you further information. (We will obviously not use your email address for any other purpose  – it goes without saying really!)

£50 once only payment.


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