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Autumn inspired wall hanging

DIY Autumn inspired wall hangingIf you are out and about over the next few weeks, why not collect a few fallen branches on your travels? If you don't have access to fallen branches your local garden centre, DIY store or even petrol station often sell small diameter cut wood for various purposes – logs, border edging etc.

What you'll need:-

Branches or cut wood of various diameters
Backing board
Picture hanger back
Wood glue
Spray-on wood varnish


(1) Fasten a hanger on the back of the baseboard for your wall hanging. Be sure to center the hanger horizontally on the back of the baseboard a few inches from the top.
(2) Cut up the branches into roughly 1/2″ cylindrical sections. The depth of each piece can vary giving the overall piece a rustic feel.
(3) Sand Down the edges until they are uniform, and the top surfaces to your preference. There will probably be some rough edges from the sawing, sanding these down will ensure that they sit flush on the baseboard.
(4) Arrange the pieces in a pattern of your liking. Ideally the pieces will overlap the edge of the baseboard to make it invisible from the front.
(5) Glue the pieces down one at a time starting from the center. Use enough glue to ensure the wood sticks together. Allow the glue to fully dry before advancing to the next step.
(6) Give the whole thing a nice sheen with spray or brush on varnish. Use multiple coats if necessary.


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