Could the Facebook 'Buy' button be the The Answer Mobile Commerce?

Northern Living - Could the Facebook 'Buy' button be the The Answer Mobile Commerce?'About a month ago, Facebook announced that it’s testing a “Buy” call-to-action button on ads and Page posts, which enables users to purchase products directly from businesses right from their News Feeds. The test is limited to a handful of small and medium-sized businesses for the time being, but it’s entirely possible that this could be the biggest and most important move into e-commerce that Facebook has ever made. Facebook seems to think it’s a pretty significant one. It even killed off its Gifts offering, presumably turning its e-commerce focus to this. Given that Facebook’s ad business must compete with the likes of Google and others that offer product listing ads, it’s high time that advertisers have a way to get “buy” clicks from Facebook users.
Scot Wingo, CEO of e-commerce product provider ChannelAdvisor, sees Facebook’s new efforts as particularly significant for businesses selling online. He recently wrote a series of blog posts about the Buy button and its implications. You can find links to all three posts here. Facebook has dabbled in e-commerce various times in the past, but Wingo thinks the buy button is “a step in the right direction.”' - Web Pro News

Our perspective:-

If you sell a single fixed price product especially if it is a download such as a mobile App. This could be the perfect solution for you. With millions of accessible users Facebook is in a position to offer a fast simple solution. If however your products are more complex with various product options this might not be quite as appealing to the Facebook user. Especially when accessing Facebook on mobile platforms users are data hungry and somewhat impatient. If they have to choose a size, colours, postage or rapid shipping – all with implied variation consequences to the end price, they will simply click away and return to clicking on cute cat pictures or videos of their friends out on the town last night.

If you are selling tickets to a gig which can be displayed on a mobile, one off discount vouchers valid only for that day or a handy App. This is most likely for you. Otherwise Shopify is probably still the solution for you. Neither option will fully replace an Ecommerce system for tangible products which are shipped to different locations, as this is the only realistic way to deal with the complexities of stock control and shipping costs, but both offer useful properties for specific products and services.


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