Keep it fresh

Keep it fresh

Keep it freshAlthough there are many criteria involved in maintaining good search rankings. One which is certainly important if regular fresh content, both on your site and in your social media feeds. If you build a web site and then leave it dormant for a year it's really not going to have much return appeal for human visitors, this is recognized by the search engines. New content on a regular basis also increases the frequency of the returning visits from the search robots, a simply mathematical comparison reveals new content is available and the return interval is reduced. This is great news for your ranking.

If your web site is relatively new and the search engines have not as yet indexed it, regular updates of your social media feeds linked to new site content is a great way to attract and capture the attention of the search bots. After all if you've written a new article for your site, why not copy a snippet and post if on Facebook and/or Twitter? You're doubling your impact for very little additional effort....

An example is Anis Louise Guest House in Chesterfield. The Upcoming Events and Short breaks are updated on a monthly basis and are generally up-to-date for two months in advance. These events are then used as the foundation for regular Facebook updates effectively creating deep links for the search bots to follow. As a way of testing the value of these regular updates, simply Google 'Guest house Chesterfield' or a similar search. You'll always find the Anis Louise Guest House in the first position of the unpaid rankings. That's quite a bold statement, but I'm good to stand by it!!


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