Unintended Travel Consequences

Anis Louise Guest House - ChesterfieldSometimes decisions have unintended consequences, we all appreciate this. With this in mind it should be difficult to make a strong case for taking children out of school for family holidays in term time. After all they do have extensive holidays spread throughout the year. So the decision to allow parents to be charged for doing so, one might expect, would be grudgingly accepted. Nobody much likes politicians and the nanny state telling us what to do and taking money off us if we don't, but sometimes people need nudging in the right direction. Unfortunately this decision appear to have opened the doors to the holiday industry and airlines to load their prices. There are arguments for and against this premise according to an article in The Independent but the undeniable truth is that a family holiday abroad during August will cost your considerably more than at any other time of the year. 

Another consequence which was not initially considered I suspect and one which is great for both families and the economy is the fact that an increasing number of families are remaining in the UK this summer and seeking interesting and new destinations. We might not have the Mediterranean sun or a poolside lifestyle sipping cocktails, we've actually got something much better! A bucket and spade holiday might seem a little dated to some and might not offer the sort of excitement the little folks crave, but a bit of planning and imagination will pay dividends with the whole family finding something to interest and entertain. The Peak District, for example has a world of contrasting natural beauty, with moors and dales, rivers, springs and caverns and at its heart the Peak District National Park, known and loved by millions for its breath-taking landscapes, relaxation, inspiration and adventure. Spanning parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire in the heart of England, it’s home to dozens of market towns & pretty villages, historic houses, famous attractions and hundreds of traditional events.

If you would like a few suggestions for a break in the beautiful part of the country look no further than Anis Louise Guest House – August Short Breaks There's something for everybody here and if you don't find anything of interest in the suggested breaks you'll find a wealth of local events and attractions here.


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