Facebook Marketing for Business Guide

Facebook Marketing for BusinessHere at Northern Living we have a dedicated Facebook promotions team who look after marketing for clients in a variety of fields of business with over 15 years combined experience. 

There are numerous Ebooks and guides floating about on the Internet supposedly giving insider tips and tricks for selling your goods and / or services on Facebook. Unfortunately quite a number of these have a rather unpleasant 'Farm Yard' smell about them! Our Facebook Marketing for Business guide is something a little bit different. Written by a real advertising team in Yorkshire, not copied from some mysterious guru in America somewhere...

Using real examples from our various ongoing promotional campaigns we give you industry tips and tricks to make your advertising on Facebook successful and cost effective. The guide is updated on a regular basis to take into account updates and changes in the Facebook platform. For a once only price of just £5 you have access to each new issue as it is published and 7 days a week assistance by Email as and when required.

Interested? Simply complete the brief details below and we'll got back to you ASAP. 

There are no sneaky surprises here, our intention is to debunk the spammy, ineffective, misleading and costly guides out there. Honest advice from an expert team to assist you make the most of Facebook for business.










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