Northern Living - The benefits of None OEM Ink-Jet and Toner Cartridges.Most domestic printer users are well aware of the benefits of compatible printer cartridges. Although like anything else you get what you pay for. There are some very low cost units available which you might find less than reliable, however generally if you pay a reasonable amount you should find you receive a comparable print quality and number of printed pages as you would expect from an original. Also saving a hefty slice on the cost of the original unit. 

The domestic Ink-Jet market has always had a unique business model. In the very early days printers were heavily subsidized as the initial design and manufacture investment would have made the units prohibitively expense for household use. The manufacturers knew over a period of time they would recoup there subsidy and receive a considerable return over the life of the printer, generated from the profits received through cartridge purchases. This was obviously before compatible cartridges were commonly available. Unfortunately this business model has persisted and although there is very little if any subsidy on new printer purchases today, the enhanced profit margin is still included in the cost of cartridges. This is why it is worthwhile for none OEM manufacturers to design and manufacture compatible units which perform to pretty much the same standards as the original units. There are essentially two types of none OEM cartridges available. There are compatible cartridges, which are new units designed to match the requirement of the original manufacturers units. The second category are re-manufactured cartridges. These are recycled units which have been rigorously cleaned, had there chips reset, refilled and tested. Whichever option you choose you will save a considerable sum over the cost of new cartridges especially if you print numerous sheets on a regular basis. Plus you know you're contributing to the recycling effort. 

Laser printers are generally used more in a commercial setting, although there are budget units available for home use. These use technology not dissimilar to that in a photocopier and use toner cartridges to store very file polymer based toner in black alone and black and the composite colours required for colour printing. Although there are several different melt-point ranges for the actual toner, essentially the cartridge is nothing more that a relatively low-tech container for the toner. As with ink cartridges there are considerable margins built into the cost of original toner cartridges. In a commercial setting compatible / re-manufactured toner cartridges can create considerable stationary budget savings, whilst providing exactly the same print quality and very similar page yields.

Advantage Printer Consumables based in Selby, North Yorkshire offer a comprehensive range of both re-manufactured and compatible cartridges for both Ink-jet and Laser printers. They also offer free UK delivery for both domestic and commercial orders..

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