Nameless Alpacas Arrive at New Garden Centre Fun Zone!!!!!!This week there were two new additions to Sammy Seeds Fun Zone at Seedlings Garden Centreā€¦.....mother and daughter Alpacas!!! The Garden Centre which is owned and operated by three generations of the Taylor family has recently increased its animal family, with the arrival of chipmunks, rare breed pigs, Rheas and a range of exotic birds.

The two alpacas are currently settling in to their new homes within the petting farm at Seedlings. Sammy Seed's Fun Zone opens at Easter after significant investment by the Taylors. The only problem for the two is that they haven't been named yet so Seedlings owner Faye Taylor hopes that the local population will help out and come up with some inspired names. Faye said "We are going to run a competition via our Facebook Page to hopefully come up with a couple of names for the Alpacas - we are looking to involve the local community on this as hopefully our fun zone within the garden centre will become a popular place for many of the local children to visit and learn about the animals"

Alpacas are from the camelid species and originate from South America. They are closely related to the Lama but are much better tempered and so are great for children to visit and get to know. There will also be the opportunity for the children to feed many of the animals as part of the Fun Zone experience.

Seedlings is getting ready for its seasonal re-launch and also has a cafe and produce shop with the Garden Centre.

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