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Homemade Blackberry Wine

Northern Living - Homemade blackberry wine recipeThe crop of blackberries is outstanding this year. If you're been out brambling and are thinking of making a little wine here's an interesting recipe.

A word of warming though... Blackberries contain an enzyme which causes the initial fermentation to be vigourous and prolonged. Be certain to sieve all seeds out – step 8 – if there are any left they have a tendency to block the air trap which can only result in one thing when it finally explodes out. A staining sticky foam on ceilings, walls and floors.

Blackberry Wine Recipe

780 grams blackberries
5 litres water
350 grams sugar or 1kg for a stronger wine
1 grams yeast
150 grams raisins (for a sweeter wine)


1. Rub the berries very gently in a tea towel to remove any dust, but do not wash.
2. Place in a large bowl or bucket and pour over 5litres of boiling water.
3. Cover with a cloth and leave for three days stirring a few times each day.
4. Strain the liquid onto the sugar and stir until it has all dissolved.
5. Leave for half an hour.
6. Add the yeast and cover closely.
7. Leave in the container for a further six days.
8. Strain into a demijohn and add the raisins for a sweeter wine.
9. Fix in a bung and place in a warm room.
10. Leave until fermentation is complete.

This should be ready to drink in six months to bring warmth to a cold winter’s day.


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