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Why don't we support Stoptober and now Dry January?

Why don't we support Stoptober and now Dry January?So we had Stoptober and now we are confronted by Dry January. As an industry – you might not like to think of us as that, but we are professionals just like you. We don't actually want to see you suckered by social trends which are mutually damaging.

So what is the point? Stoptober piggybacked on Dry January which originated in 1984 to demonstrate that a break from heavy drinking for a month wouldn't do anybody any harm. A fair point, will made. Stoptomber like many Internet trends pretended to be a charitable effort, for Prostrate Cancer, or Ear Lobe Cancer, Big Toe Cancer, or whatever. Let's raise awareness....  Well folks we have News for you....

Dry January....Unless you have a serious addiction problem, giving up for a month will do nothing more than massage your ego. If you do actually have a serious addiction issue then you'll not be able to complete the first week unaided. So no win for you. 

Who wins? Well it's certainly not the charities that people peddle on social media. But there are winners. You know those sights you visit to register how much you've saved? You see all those adverts, now think about it? Do a domain name registration search ( will do it for free for you) Oh look, registered address a PO box in Algeria? Odd that....

Who looses? We you know that nice bloke at the local boozer, or the bar team in the city centre bar or nightclub who know your name. That chap at the restaurant you used to drop in at on a Friday night? Your mate who drives for the brewery? Your brother in law who works making the Aluminium barrels? These are the people who's lives and welfare your gullibility is putting at risk.

Grow a mind, use Google if you will, but don't cause harm to an industry which is already beleaguered for the sake of your ego. You know the phrase?

Use it or loose it? It applies to the local as much as anything else. You'll be the first up in arms when there's a new housing estate built where The Stinking Badgers Arms used to be....


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