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Mollie Sharp's Cheese Shop Selby reviewed by Gill Townend - Pontefract

Mollie Sharp's Cheese Shop Selby

Review by Gill Townend - Pontefract

I must admit Selby would not normally have been a chosen destination for a day out. Not that we have anything against the town, my husband and I used to visit the market some years ago, but it seemed to be in decline. So last Wednesday when we had decided to have a day out at the coast we both felt very let down when we realised that our car had other ideas. It Overheated as we entered the town and my husband discovered some belt or another had fallen off. We called the AA who said they would be with us within the hour. Jim stayed with the car and I headed into Selby to get us a couple of cold drinks.

I was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in the town. It's maybe a year since we last passed through and I noticed new housing had been completed on one corner and a new Turkish restaurant on an adjacent corner. The town looks fresh and clean with flower in hanging baskets along the main street, much improved from the rather grey and dismal place we previously used to visit. I returned to the car and the AA man had fixed the car. I suggested to Jim that we should have a look around before we carried on to the coast.

Up a side street that I remember used to be filled with market stalls we stumbled upon a real treasure. A delicatessen and cheese mongers the likes of which you might expect to find in Harrogate or up in the Dales. (Editors link – Molly Sharp's cheese shop) The owner was so nice, we felt more like old friends than customers he'd never met before. After spending a very pleasant half hour we left with a treasure trove of cheeses, wine and a bottle of sherry which we've discovered is truly spectacular. I sent this review in the hope that the owner will see it as there seem to be quite a few articles about Selby trades. I and my husband will certainly be back, only this time Selby will be our destination.

Editors Note:-

Thank you so much for your review Mrs. Townend. I will make certain that Richard Sharp owner at Mollie Sharps's is made aware of your kind review.


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