Be Body Confident

Be Body ConfidentWhether you've got weeks or months before your holiday, there's plenty you can do to get yourself beach-ready...

As Soon As Possible

Sort Cellulite Cellulite affects 90 percent of all women to some degree. The result of bulging fat cells and weak skin elasticity and to some extent, your genes. Too much caffeine, poor circulation and a lack of exercise can also contribute to the unsightly lumps and bumps which are not easy to get rid of once they are formed. Most research points to the effectiveness of a three pronged attack; body brushing, massage and a topical serum or cream to stimulate blood flow.

Dry body brushing on a daily basis using firm strokes towards the heart will help boost circulation, eliminate nasty toxins and improve the appearance of the skin. Choose a good brush with firm bristles for maximum effect and a head-to-toe glow. Follow with a specially formulated anti-cellulite cream such as Biotherm’s Celluli Laser Precision Gel, £33 or Clarins' Body Lift Cellulite Control, £36 which contain dimple-smoothing ingredients. Endermologie is a safe and effective way of helping improve the appearance of cellulite where a special massage roller is worked over affected areas to aid lymphatic drainage. A course of 10 treatments will see a marked improvement in the appearance of cellulite and a maintenance course helps to keep you looking good.

Tackle Feet

Feet spend most of the winter wrapped in socks and heavy boots, snug and warm and in a great bacteria-breeding environment. Check feet and toe nails for any sign of fungal infection and if in doubt get it checked out. Thickened and discoloured toe nails are not to go on show and should be treated by a podiatrist. The Dow Clinic, Heaton remains a hot favourite of ours where their unique laser treatment will kill any infection stone dead in one simple treatment. If your only problem is dry skin or untidy toe nails then a pedicure should do the trick. Opt for a spa pedicure and treat your feet to a scrub and restorative mask to help them recover from the woes of winter.

Blast Your Body

Focus on your fitness and you will not only look better in your bikini but feel better about yourself too. Any form of exercise is beneficial. For those looking to drop a few pounds pre poolside posing, cut out sugar and alcohol and increase your intake of fish oils. By adding more Omega-3 oil you will see an improvement in your skin and it will also aid weight loss. Research shows that taking just 3g of fish oil a day over three months can lead to a two to four kg loss of body fat. Those with a fear of fish can substitute the real thing for a supplement such as Perricone MD Omega 3, £32 for 90 days.

One Month To Go - Sort Out Arms 

Many of us have raised red bumps on the back of our arms; the result of a build up of keratin in the hair follicle. Regular exfoliation can help – use a pair of exfoliating mitts when you shower – or even a topical peel such as Kiehl's Overnight Biological Peel, £39.50 to improve the appearance of the skin.

Deal With Dry Patches

Don't delay: If you want a nice, even tan then you need to ensure skin is suitably hydrated well in advance of your holiday. Deal with any dry skin patches with your exfoliating mitts and a good body oil before bed. Attack elbows and knees with mitts and a nourishing body cream. Don't be afraid to apply more than one type of moisturiser if your skin is in need of some tlc; a serum followed by a nourishing body cream is a great treat for dehydrated skin. We love The Body Shop Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil, £10 and Liz Earle's Superskin Body Cream, £29.50 packed with plant oils, Vitamin E and shea butter.

The Week Before

Book your waxing appointment in advance and try to leave at least 24 hours before you expose newly waxed or de-fuzzed skin to the sun to prevent any reaction. A spray tan can do wonders for your body confidence, especially if you seek out a salon where it is applied by hand for added flattering contouring. If the fuss of a fake tan doesn't appeal try a gradual tan such as James Read's Gradual Tan, £24.50 with hyaluronic acid and Q10 where you stay in control of the colour. A fake tan will also help improve the appearance of cellulite, giving the illusion of more toned skin. Make sure hands and feet look fabulous with a last minute treat. Bio Sculpture gel nails, available at salons regionwide, mean your nail colour will last for weeks without wearing or chipping and should see you all set for holiday heaven.



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