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John Neville - Gadgetman Tech Repairs - Selby

Northern Living - Gadgetman Tech Repairs - Selby. Mobile tech device screen and systems repair.We've all had a crisis with a mobile phone, tablet or other valuable tech gadget, often just outside warrent and we often find computer repairers won't touch them. That's where Gadgetman Tech Repair come in very handy. Based in Selby, North Yorkshire Gadgetman Tech Repairs offer a suite of repair options for mobile phone, tablets and other Tech Gadgets. Screen replacements are available for most Android mobiles, Iphone, Ipad and Ipods, Tablets and Kindle.

Front and rear colour changes are available for a wide range of Iphone models. They can also assist with operating system recovering after failed updates etc.

Drowned phones aren't always as dead as they might appear. Using a solvent bath and replacing a couple of minor components will usually be sufficient to restore your cherished phone to full working order.

Find them on Facebook here They can collect your device, repair it and return it to you at your home address, often within an hour or so in the Selby area.

Feel free to call on  07703 540658



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