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Beignets RecipeBeignets originated in France and are most probably the predecessor of our Dough Nuts. But they've done a bit of travelling and evolving over time.

Around 1763 the new French settlement in the New Orleans area was founded and understandably the settlers took with them tastes of home and recipes. 200+ years is quite some time for a recipe to adapt and be adapted and The New Orleans Beignet is arguably a great deal better than it's ancestors. But you don't need to visit the Mississippi delta area to enjoy them. You can make them with ease at home right here in Yorkshire!

Don't believe me? Here is the recipe:-


Serves: 10 

2 1/4 teaspoons dried active baking yeast

375ml warm water (45 degrees C)

100g caster sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

250ml evaporated milk

875g 7 cups all-purpose flour

55g butter or margarine

1L vegetable oil for frying

4 tablespoons icing sugar


1 In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Add sugar, salt, eggs, evaporated milk and blend well. Mix in 500g of the flour and beat until smooth. Add the butter or margarine, and then the remaining flour. Cover and chill for up to 24 hours.

2 Roll out dough 3mm thick. Cut into 6cm squares. Fry in 180 degrees C hot oil. If beignets do not pop up, oil is not hot enough. Drain onto kitchen paper.

3 Dust icing sugar on hot beignets. Serve warm.

Fad Diets, Food Intolerances and Auto-Immune Disorders - The differences...

Fad Diets, Food Intolerances and Auto-Immune Disorders - The differences...Fad Diets - We've all heard of The Atkins Diet, Nutra-Blitzing vegetables and fruits into a slurry and the latest fad, The Clean Diet. If the latter is a new concept to you, it's basically all of the above without the wheat, dairy or meat content. Hmmm Cabbage soup, sounds so appealing. So let's all be clear on this. These are clearly Fad Diets and are generally spawned by those wishing to sell products, gadgets or possibly books. Or idiots on the Internet who think it's fun to play with social trends.

Food Intolerances – This is where you has an intolerance to a specific ingredients. These might not be life long conditions and some cases are much worse than others. My step father had an issues with Sesame Seeds for a couple of years. In that he felt that his throat was closing and he was choking. So he stopped eating them, wisely. Only to find that the transient intolerance had passed after an unexpected meal out. So all is good. Peanuts on the other hand can cause death for some unfortunate folk. That's the worst end of the scale. There's not a great deal worse that can happen to you than having a great meal out and ending up dead. Well actually there is.....

Immune Disorders – The worst of the worst and not generally understood. Again it's probably best and least biased if I use a person example. Sue my partner has Coeliac Disease. In the simplest terms this means that if she eats anything with Gluten in it, in almost indeterminable proportions she will be violently ill for days, but also cause irrevocable damage to her intestines. This is because her immune system is in some way triggered to kill the Gluten. Unfortunately this also kills cells in her gut which cannot be replaced. Ever.

So what do I do? Firstly I eat the same diet as Sue. Not because I'm on a Fad Diet, but because cross contamination from my food could very well make her seriously ill. Strangely you can have a full and nutritious diets without wheat. It just takes a bit more planning. 

So next time you see that book. "38 deadly foods" or that Facebook post " 1000000 things to should eat - never" Think about the reasons why these people might be pushing these anti-science and unprovable ideas at you - Just a thought!

So if you see me with my glasses on looking at the small print on the back of packets. It's not that I've gone all "Fad" or making up some intolerance which I simply don't have. It's because I care about my partner. Don't judge me.

However. This is a note for those of you who might like to play with a "Clean" diet. Don't! Commercial GF breads are at best a very poor substitute. The Pasta can be acceptable, but you really need to know how to cook it and drain it in a very short time window. Pizza bases? Really why bother! If you are deluded in that way, just cook everything fresh and you might grow out of your Fad. But there will be another one just around the corner to sucker you.....

The Inn On The Green - Acomb - York

The Inn On The Green AcombThe Inn On The Green at Acomb in the outskirts of York has recently seen some real changes. Under new management, with a new chef and with an extended menu and opening times starting on Tuesday 4th June. The pub has recently had a complete refurbishment and now offers a modern bright open plan space for both drinkers and diners alike. 

Alongside the daily menu there is a great Sunday carvery, daily specials and regular entertainment.

Opening from 12 noon to 2pm Tuesday to Thursday and all day Friday to Sunday The Inn On The Green also offers a wide range of real ales, wines, cocktails and spirits.

To the rear of the pub there is an extensive beer garden which is very popular during the summer months and welcomes families and well behaved pets.

The Inn On The Green Acomb, The Green, Acomb, York, Yorkshire. YO26 5LL

Tel. 01904 790090

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Sausage and Snouts

Sausage and SnoutsSausage and snout offers catering services for indoor and outdoor events throughout the Yorkshire region. Fancy wedding catering with a bit of a difference? Are you hosting a corporate event? Or maybe a birthday party with guests who will be delighted by something other than a cold buffet...

Sausage and Snout are proud to offer you the finest German sausages on the market. Each week their suppliers travel to Germany to import the freshest and best quality sausages.

They provide the following traditional German Sausages:-

Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Wiesswurst, Chicken Sausage, Paprika Sausage, Schwarzwurst, Dry Cured Game Sausage, Bierchinken and Lyoner

Other services provided by this group include:-

Event Bar Hire Service -

Rog Roasts -

Tel:- 01904 793430

Mob:- 07930 847553


Mr. Roast Selby

Mr. Roast SelbyPaul McCarthy is a well known and respected chef in the North Yorkshire area, having worked in some outstanding restaurants.

In August 2016 he embarked on his own enterprise, selling high quality lunches over the weekends, delivered free in the Selby Area. This was just the foundation of a business driven by ambition and a passion for great food. In November 2016 Paul started his Community Meal Plan and purchased his Catering Trailer. Offering great quality meals for those in the community in the greatest need at more than reasonable rates and covering outdoor events can only be the way to go for a business with such talent and drive.

Address:- 3 Maple Tree Avenue, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 5XP, 

Tel:- 01757 71204

Mobile:-07481 925085 

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