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Neville Johnson - High quality innovative bespoke furniture

Northern Living Neville Johnson -  High quality innovative bespoke furniture. Designed and built in ManchesterNeville Johnson have been designing unique fitted furniture for over 25 years for their discerning clients, their homes and their lifestyle. Whether you are looking for an innovative home study, a luxury bedroom, a stylish lounge, a library with acres of storage space or a ‘state-of-the-art’ home cinema room, we can create your perfect bespoke furniture. As the pioneers of home office furniture over 25 years ago, Neville Johnson is committed to providing handcrafted bespoke fitted furniture of the highest quality to perfectly meet your requirements. Every Neville Johnson study is individually designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, to maximize the available space, whatever the shape or size. Whether you require a dedicated working environment, storage for a huge collection of books or somewhere for all your paperwork, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure we achieve the optimum level of comfort, style and functionality.

“Our expert designers will guide you through our range of products to ascertain what style and finish you prefer. We will work with your room dimensions to produce an initial sketch of your furniture. The sketch is then worked up into a more detailed technical drawing for our workshop to refer to when building your furniture. The final result reveals the attention to detail that makes us the market leader in handcrafted bespoke furniture. From initial sketches to final polish, each step is planned meticulously to ensure you receive your furniture exactly how you imagined it. 


Neville Johnson Ltd, Broadoak Business Park, Ashburton Road West, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1RW

Tel: 0161 873 8333

Fax: 0161 873 8335


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Sheffield Winter Garden

Northern Living - Sheffield Winter GardenIt's the end of the season for most UK gardeners. Clean up the autumn leaves, batten down the hatches and look forward to spring. So if you are missing fresh green growth already a day out at Sheffields' Winter Gardens might be just the thing.

Sheffields' impressive multi award-winning Winter Garden is one of the largest temperate glasshouses to be built in the UK during the last hundred years and has created a stunning green space with more than 2,500 plants from around the world. With direct access from Millennium Galleries and Millennium Square, the Winter Garden is the perfect oasis in the heart of England's fourth largest city.

The building itself is 70 metres long and 22 metres high (large enough to house 5000 domestic greenhouses). The building has background frost protection to minimum of 4 degrees Celsius and it is one of the largest Glued Laminated Timber or "Glulam" buildings in the UK. Glulam is made by forming and gluing strips of timber into specific shapes. The wood used is Larch, a durable timber which will, over time, turn a light silvery grey colour. The larch, derived from sustainable forests, requires no preservatives or coatings. This reduces the use of solvents and also avoids the use of chemicals that could be damagng to the plants and the greater environment. It has an intelligent Building Management System which controls fans and vents to make sure the plants are cooled in summer and kept warm in winter. 

More info here - http://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk

Sleeping Tree Recycled Creations

Northern Living - Bespoke  furniture Made from only recycled materials - Sleeping Tree DesignsBespoke  furniture Made from only recycled materials.

Sleeping Tree is committed to using only recycled materials to create our designs. We not only feel this is ethical but also the materials used add their own character to the pieces. Many of our designs incorporate natural forms created by using seasoned coppice windfall, and drift wood alongside architectural timbers to make one off pieces of furniture. We pride ourselves on making furniture that is as individual as its' owner.

For your home - Sturdy rustic furniture to add a touch of individuality to your garden, patio, or conservatory made from reclaimed materials made to your specification and taste.

Storytelling Chairs - Storytelling chairs made for your home,school or group.  Children will love these chairs let their imagination go wild with one of our creations What ever your needs just give us a call and speak to Dean. There are more pictures of our work in out gallery - Click here.

Events - Fantasy, and themed furniture for all your event needs, garden parties, festivals and rituals. All we need are your ideas and the theme of your event and we will make magical pieces to suit your needs. 

I started making bespoke furnishings a few years ago now. I kept seeing wonderful materials being left on waste ground by fly tippers not only did it annoy me but gave me the idea that I could get reusable materials and make unique items of furniture from it with an aim to create tactile and aesthetically  pleasing pieces . I just cant help myself these days, sides of the road, skips, buildings being demolished materials with character are everywhere. I like to make use of recyclable material before it goes to landfill. I love using these materials the fact they are weathered and beaten gives them a great look which lends itself to be used in making beautiful rustic furnishings . Some people see rubbish I see something with potential.


Dean Scott Hampson


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205 Woodend mill, Mossley, Saddleworth. Greater Manchester.

Mobile. 07585772235

Tel.0161 339 2568

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust

Northern Living - Whirlow Hall Farm Trust - Christmas tree and turkey price listWe are now taking orders for Christmas trees, turkeys and meat. We appreciated your support last year and hope we can depend on you again this year. We got great feedback, so that’s a great reason to order from us.

Christmas Tree Price List 2014

Christmas Turkey and Meat Price List 2014

I’m sure you know profit from the these sales are a big part of the income that supports the charitable work that the trust delivers for the young people across the city and beyond.

We are proud about the quality of the sustainable trees and how tasty our high-welfare meats were. I’m also glad to report we have managed to secure the services of our original award-winning pie maker, who was unfortunately unavailable last Christmas, so pie fans of our regular pork pies can delight! A deposit of £15 is required for meat orders and for tree delivery or collection payment in full is required. Details of how to order and pay are on the order forms attached, but in summary:

Postal orders to:

Christmas, Whirlow Hall Farm, Whirlow Lane, Whirlow, Sheffield, S11 9QF

You can email your order by typing it into the body of an email or scanning the order sheet and sending to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or pop along to the shop, drop it in and say hello!


Shabby Chic With Old Pallets

Northern Living - Shabby Chic With Old PalletsPallets are made of the cheapest unseasoned, untreated timber available. After all they're only intended to stack things on and make transporting with a forklift easier. But this low quality wood has certain benefits over the treated, seasoned and stained variety. It's natural rustic appeal is one, the extremely low cost you can lay your hands on damaged pallets, is another.

If you're an electric jigsaw or the old fashioned hand operated version for the traditionalists, a pencil, an old pallet and a little imagination – you have almost everything you need. Perhaps a little No More Nails or wood glue to secure the timbers to the wall and some sandpaper to finish the areas you cut.

Simply draw your design on the end of each timber with a pencil. You might like to cut card stencils if yu are not confident to draw these freehand. A stencil will also be handly if you want to repeat the design on several timbers. Once you are happy with the design cut around on each timber, sand to ensure there are no rough edges or splinters and secure to your wall.


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