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Northern Living - Seedlings - Garden Centre, Café, Farm Shop, Carlton, Goole, near SelbyIn the Garden Centre

We stock a large variety of herbaceous perennials, shrubs, trees, conifers and alpines to permanently fill those gaps in your garden. Our range increases regularly with the majority grown in Yorkshire. To provide instant impact and wow factor we stock a huge range of Yorkshire grown seasonal bedding along with planted baskets and containers. With the increase in popularity of 'grow your own' we sell an extensive range of seeds and young vegetable plants. Inside the Garden Centre we have chemicals, fertilisers and all the sundries you will need to keep your garden looking its best. Not forgetting your lawn, we have a full range of treatments to keep it in first class condition. Our range of decorative pots include the 'new on the market' fibre clay pots which are frost-proof and shatter-proof, as well as traditional wooden and plastic planters. We are the only local stockist of both Burns Pet foods and the Smallholder Range of poultry feeds along with a range of feeds for other animals. We also have an extensive range of wild bird feeds and feeders.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 9am till 5pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays 10am till 4pm

Seedling Café

Our Christmas menu for December 2014 is now available to download, click here. Prices are £16.95 for 3 courses and £13.95 for 2 courses

Some of our Menu Items

Small Breakfast £5.75
Large Breakfast £6.95
Breakfast Buns £2.75
On Toast £2.25
Bloomer Sandwiches £3.25
Paninni's £3.50
Soup & Roll £ 3.20
Soup and Sandwich £4.20
Jacket Potato 1 filling £4.20, 2 fillings £4.60
Also Home-made Cakes, Scones and Treats

We also have Daily Specials which vary depending on the season.

In the corner of our Café is a small play area to keep the youngsters entertained, while you enjoy your meal. Take advantage of enjoying a drink and cake in the sun on our new decking area. We are located on the Trans Pennine Trail and welcome all cyclists and walkers. We have space outside for leaving your cycles in view of our seating. For advance group bookings please contact 01405 869622

Farm Shop

Currently stocking a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, a selection of Jams, Marmalade and Chutneys from Fruity Kitchen, a variety of Biscuits and Cookies from Grandma Wilds. Our new addition in Organic, Free Range Pork. Our newest range is marinades, sauces and dressings for all your summer salad and BBQ needs.

Northern Living - Seedlings - Garden Centre, Café, Farm Shop, Carlton, Goole, near Selby. Location

Seedlings is owned and run by 3 Generations of the Taylor Family. Daphne and Lewis bring their knowledge of running an established Market Garden and Vegetable Box Delivery Business. Faye and Richard manage the business day to day. Richard is an experienced gardener, with 25 years experience of working in private gardens and those that open to the public. Faye brings her catering experience and enthusiasm for home-made local produce to the café. Daniel and Elliot will join the business as young apprentices to become the future management.

Hirst Road,
DN14 9PX

01405 869622


Autumn inspired wall hanging

DIY Autumn inspired wall hangingIf you are out and about over the next few weeks, why not collect a few fallen branches on your travels? If you don't have access to fallen branches your local garden centre, DIY store or even petrol station often sell small diameter cut wood for various purposes – logs, border edging etc.

What you'll need:-

Branches or cut wood of various diameters
Backing board
Picture hanger back
Wood glue
Spray-on wood varnish


(1) Fasten a hanger on the back of the baseboard for your wall hanging. Be sure to center the hanger horizontally on the back of the baseboard a few inches from the top.
(2) Cut up the branches into roughly 1/2″ cylindrical sections. The depth of each piece can vary giving the overall piece a rustic feel.
(3) Sand Down the edges until they are uniform, and the top surfaces to your preference. There will probably be some rough edges from the sawing, sanding these down will ensure that they sit flush on the baseboard.
(4) Arrange the pieces in a pattern of your liking. Ideally the pieces will overlap the edge of the baseboard to make it invisible from the front.
(5) Glue the pieces down one at a time starting from the center. Use enough glue to ensure the wood sticks together. Allow the glue to fully dry before advancing to the next step.
(6) Give the whole thing a nice sheen with spray or brush on varnish. Use multiple coats if necessary.

Banks - There Is Another Way

Working your way around a very limited family budget can be difficult, to say the least. I've been in the situation where with very little to my name I've found the Banks and their charging structures predatory. If you've a fortnightly or monthly payment going into your account they seem to be able by 'witchcraft' to happily deduct their charges a day or so before your money lands. Making you overdrawn and guaranteeing them a hefty slice of your next months budget in charges. Legally these charges would not stand up in court under the present legislation, but they presume that those in the trap will not have the fiscal ability to take them to court. But there is another way:-

Northern Living - Bank There Is another WayThis is not a sponsored article, I (Tony Carson) have no vested interests here.

As a result of the Banking reforms the Banks no-longer have a monopoly, but most people have not been made aware of this. So if your Bank is taking liberties you can now do something about it. You might not be able to rid yourself of the overdraft they might well have knowingly increased. But at least you can put a stop to the escalation in charges and put yourself on a sound footing.

The Ffees card account is a way forward. There's no requirement for a credit check, it's easy to open an account on-line ( http://www.ffrees.co.uk/ ) and you know you'll never again find yourself or your family saddled with crippling overdraft charges. Oh and as a side bonus if you're clever you can actually make money – from your money. It's just like bank accounts used to be, just missing the cheque book. You can have your wages or benefits deposited free for charge, you get a debit card which you can use free if you have credit, you can connect the account to your PayPal account.

It's just like a bank basic account – But if you're wise you end up being in pocket, not watching as your money is spirited away! {Editors Note - I personally have had one of these accounts since June 2014 and have so far not parted with a bean I was not expecting. There is a fee to withdraw from a cash-point of £0.75 and a fee to pay in via Pay-point. But if you avoid these wherever possible you can basically remove the threat of bank charges from your life. } Which must be good?!

Autumn Days Out And Crafts Projects

Northern Living - Autumnal Days Out And Crafts ProjectsIt's a great time of year to get out among the trees. An autumnal walk in woodland or a local park can be especially rewarding at this time of year. The unique smells, the crisp fallen leaves and the stunning colours. It's also a time of year when all manner of free craft goodies become freely available. Acorns, beech nuts, conkers to name just a few.

Children especially love kicking about in freshly fallen leaves, instilling fond memories which last a lifetime. Why not make an enjoyable day out into a craft project the kids will love? They will be proud of the results. With a bit of board, an offcut of fabric, a little glue and some imagination you can quickly create something truly unique.

Contemporary Stove Designs

Northern Living - Contemporary Stove DesignsAs with any product multi-fuel, wood-burning and sold fuel stoves go through cyclical fashion shifts, although this might not initially be expected. For example for the last couple of years the classical or Victorian style has been at the forefront, complemented by innovative enamel colours. Some of the results were quite stunning while still complying to the conceived classical style in their general plan. This year however has seen considerable investment in innovation and a suite of new designs launch into the market from a number of manufacturers. Wood-burning stoves specifically are presently receiving great interest, an upsurge in sales throughout the country and a consequential increase in design and development investment. One of the major factors in the upturn is the fact that burning wood can be considered carbon neutral in that the wood will eventually decay and release the carbon trapped within it if it is not burned. They are also aesthetically pleasing and require the minimum of maintenance.

2014 has seen an increased number of contemporary designs in various formats - free standing, inset and cassettes. The Aarrow Ecoburn Plus (Link) for example produces an output of 14Kw and will heat the largest of domestic spaces. The Ecoburn Plus range of stoves is visually astounding with an extensive viewing glass. Offering more choice over the type of fuel burnt through the Flexifuel System, Ecoburn Plus stoves provide outstanding efficiencies along with all the features that have become synonymous with our stylish contemporary stoves.


Lifetime guarantee
Airwash system for sparkling clean glass
Stainless steel ash pan
Burns wood or solid fuel
Externally controlled riddling grate
Large fire viewing window
Flexifuel System
Primary and secondary burn to improve efficiency
Top or rear flue outlet

Full details can be found here

House Warming Selby,
56 Flaxley Road,
North Yorkshire

01757 212992



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