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Contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel stove designs

Housewarming SelbyWe recently attended the 2014 Hearth and Home exhibition - "Widely regarded at Europe’s leading showcase for the fireplace industry, Hearth & Home encompasses every product including gas, electric and multi fuel appliances and fire surrounds together with new products, technology, materials and innovation".

In the coming months there are a wide range on new and innovative ranges becoming available from an number of our suppliers. Although the range of traditional style stoves is as popular as ever, as with any industry we need to progress with trends and fashions. New designs this year focused on stand-alone stoves with a modern design, amongst other innovations. Although these design features are generally aesthetic and have little to do with the efficiency of the stove itself, it's great to see manufacturers designing specifically for the contemporary home. Free standing cylindrical designs with log storage beneath were a very popular innovation this year, alongside similar concepts in the various multi-fuel ranges. The advantage of these designs is that you can step away entirely from the convention of having a fireplace to house your stove. The free standing design simply needs a small hearth area on which to stand and the flue is conducted to the outdoors without attempting to conceal its presence.

An example of a contemporary wood burning design is the Broseley Evolution:-

New product for 2014. The Flair 8 is a very modern and contemporary steel wood burner which features an exceptional viewing window and integral log store.

Housewarming SelbyFeatures
Steel construction with metallic black finish
Contemporary design with a large curved viewing window
Integral log store
Airwash technology to help keep the glass clean
Primary and Secondary air controls
Top flue outlet only (6" / 150mm)
Can be ordered with a log store door
Dimensions W698mm x H1158mm x D447mm
Efficiency 80%
Output 8Kw
Weight 150Kg

Housewarming Selby

56 Flaxley Road,
North Yorkshire.

01757 212992


The Tile Inn - Quality Spanish and Italian tiles

The Tile innWith showrooms in Chesterfield, Leeds, Mansfield and Wombwell The Tile Inn have developed an outstanding reputation over the years for quality tiles at reasonable prices. Importing tiles directly for manufacturers in Spain and Italy means the all tastes and designs can be catered for. 

“At The Tile Inn you will find an extensive range of floor, wall, bathroom and kitchen tiles, which are imported from Spanish & Italian manufacturers. The wide choice of tiles we have available ensures that all tastes and budgets are catered for. Due to our experience within the tiling industry, we have built a reputation of giving exceptional levels of customer service and value to both consumers and tradesman. You are welcome to visit our showrooms at Leeds, Barnsley, Chesterfield and Mansfield.”

Shops are located at the following addresses:-

Chesterfield -
Unit 4 Stand Park,
Sheffield Road
S41 8JT

01246 234999

Leeds -
127 Crossgates Road
West Yorkshire
LS15 7PB

01132 328225

Mansfield -
277 Eakring Road,
NG18 3EH

01623 414100

Wombwell -
121A Barnsley Road,
South Yorkshire
S73 8HH

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Yorkshire Stove Solutions

Yorkshire stove installer for all your wood burning and multi fuel stove needsYorkshire stove installer for all your wood burning and multi fuel stove needs.

Offering all the help you need from stove selection through to fitting and maintenance, we aim to be Yorkshire’s number one choice for solid fuel appliances. Our service is tailor made to every customer with clear and honest advice. We believe in only the best service and standards of work. We currently have some great offers for stove fitting in Selby and across the whole of Yorkshire and aim to beat any like for like quotation. We are a family run business, fully insured and HETAS registered, and happy to give free surveys and quotes for any building work required along with the fitting of your chosen stove. In addition to supplying and installing Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves we also offer services such as chimney lining and fireplace resizing. The main areas we work within include Selby, York, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Leeds, Bradford, Pocklington, Market Weighton, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Castleford, Ripon, Boroughbridge we will also travel throughout Yorkshire and if require anywhere in the UK for larger installations.

In addition to supplying and installing Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves we also offer services such as chimney lining and fireplace resizing. If your property lacks a chimney then we can supply a flue for your stove using an external twin wall flue system in either a stainless finish or powder coated black option. Unlike other companies, Yorkshire Stove Solutions do not insist on supplying your stove, although we are happy to supply competitive quotes for supplying and fitting. Selecting a stove can sometimes be confusing but we are always happy to help. A good place to start is to find out if you live in a smoke control area (your local council should be able to advise you on this). If this is the case you will need a DEFRA approved stove. All stove retailers can offer a selection of these stoves. Stoves are rated by kw output from around 5kw upwards. 5kw stoves require no additional vents to supply air into your property but larger stoves will require greater air suppplies to comply with building regulations. Should your fireplace need redesigning to accommodate your new stove, Yorkshire Stove Solutions are happy to offer a resizing service at a great price.

We can discuss your personal requirements and ensure the work is completed to a very high standard that complies with all the relevant building regulations. With our experience we know how to build a fireplace that is not only eye catching but also built to last. With over 25 years combined building experience we understand that regardless of the age of your property the fireplace might not suit your present requirements.

3 Dale Close,
North Yorkshire.

07794 805999


Burglar Alarms and Intruder Security Systems in York, Selby and Leeds

We often think of the short dark days of winter as being the time of year when our homes are most it risk for burglars. In actual fact According to UK Crime Stats domestic burglaries are relatively static throughout the year. (Source www.ukcrimestats.com)

Mayfair Security - Burglar Alarms and Intruder Security Systems in York, Selby and Leeds

There are various measures we all know we should put in place to ensure that we don't make accessing out homes too easy for would-be burglars, but there's not greater peace of mind than having the latest Intruder alarm fitted.

Mayfair Security is an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold Approved security provider. We install, maintain and monitor burglar alarms and intruder alarm systems throughout the Yorkshire region and the UK. Our team of industry specialists will take the time to understand your premises and your particular risks and situation before recommending the appropriate intruder alarm system to protect your premises. For Home Security, the Mayfair Security Smart Alarm, can be monitored by you via a Mobile App on your phone, tablet or PC.

Every bespoke security solution we design is competitively priced, simple to use, trouble free and effective at protecting your premises, business and your possessions. We can design a bespoke burglar alarm system which will meet the requirements of current UK and EU legislation, the Emergency Services and the Insurance industry. We work with the leading manufacturers to offer a range of products which will meet all budgets and insurance requirements.

Mayfair Security Limited,
Adelaide House,
Vivars Way ,
North Yorkshire.

01757 701596


Temperatures Soar and Colours Sizzles - August Gardening tips

Temperatures Soar and Colours Sizzles - August Gardening tipsSome plants thrive as summer heats up. If your perennial beds lack colour, try a few of these plants that flower through sweltering August afternoons. All are drought-tolerant once established.

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia spp.) brightens the garden with cheery yellow blooms perfect for cutting. It's a good choice for a wildlife garden. Flowers beckon butterflies; seed heads are a goldfinch favorite.

Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) unfurls silvery foliage accented with lavender blooms.

Threadleaf tickseed (Coreopsis verticillata) opens daisylike blooms in shades of yellow, white, or pink. Low-maintenance plants have fine foliage and open flowers.

Yarrow (Achillea) sounds a steady note of drought-resistant color in the summer garden. Look for flowers in many shades, from white, to red, to peach, to yellow.

August Watering Tips

Avoid watering during midday, when more water will evaporate than soak into soil.
It's not uncommon for plants to wilt on hot afternoons even though soil has adequate moisture. The wilting occurs because plants are losing water faster than their roots can absorb it. Leaves should revive by early evening, after the sun is no longer directly on leaves. If not, water deeply.
Some shrubs need weekly deep watering now. Rhododendrons are beginning to form flower buds for next year's show, and adequate water is vital. Fruiting plants, such as hollies and firethorn, need water to ensure berries mature and don't drop.

Garden-Fresh Flavours from the Herb and Vegetable Garden

Peppers: Pick peppers at any stage of development. The longer fruits stay on a plant, the more intense flavor becomes -- sweet peppers grow sweeter, and hot peppers develop a stronger burn.

Herbs: It's best to pick herbs before they flower. Harvest herbs on a dry morning, after dew has dried. The exception is mint, which you want to pick at midday, when essential oil concentrations in leaves are greatest. Avoid harvesting herbs following a rain, when foliage is wet.

Tomatoes: Even though tomatoes continue to ripen after picking, fruits develop greatest flavor when allowed to ripen on plants. The exception is cherry tomatoes, which are prone to splitting. Pick these tasty morsels as soon as fruits start showing color.

August Garden tasks

Pull annuals that are past their prime and aren't likely to recover. Cover bare soil to deter weeds.Take cuttings of plants you want to overwinter. Choices may include fuchsia, scented geranium, coleus, or wax begonia. Stick 3- to 4-inch green stem cuttings in soil. Place pots in a shaded spot, and keep soil moist. Make sure mower height is raised so you're cutting grass higher. When grass is taller, it shades soil beneath, which reduces water evaporation from soil. Taller grass generally has deeper roots, which helps it withstand drought better. September is peony planting time. That means August is the month to order peony roots.


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