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House Warming Selby supplier and install stoves and fires in the Selby area of North YorkshireWe've all heard catch phrases such as Carbon Footprint, Biomass fuels, Carbon Cycle etc. but what do they actually mean in a real world home heating situation. Without the bias of the green lobby on one side and the fossil fuel industry on the other the general concepts can be made a good deal clearer.

The carbon cycle is an inherent part of the eco-system and has been since plants first evolved. In it's simplest form plants use the energy from sunlight to trap carbon from which they build the material of leaves, stems and roots. When these plants die in the right conditions and in sufficient numbers some of this carbon is trapped in the earths crust and converted through peat eventually to coal and Anthracite, by millions of years of pressure and heat. A similar process converts the oils in marine creatures into natural oils and gas. Under normal conditions the greater majority of this carbon would remain locked away and out of the carbon cycle for millions of years to come. That is obviously without human intervention. These sources of fuel are referred to as fossil fuels and can be considered as long cycle carbon reserves.

Although there are many complicating processes in the carbon cycles as a whole the second fuel source which is of interest to the domestic user are those classified as bio-mass fuels. These include logs, processed wood and it's by products, card and paper etc. Anything which is the by product of living things trapping carbon and then being used directly as fuel. In industrial power production Willow and various fast growing Pampas grasses are regularly used as bio-mass fuels. But these are not practical in a domestic situation. These fuels can be referred to as short cycle carbon reserves, as the carbon is released during a short period of time compared to fossil fuels either by natural decomposition of by being used as fuel in our stoves. The benefit of short cycle fuels is that you are not adding carbon compounds to the atmosphere which were not already present or which would be returned to the atmosphere by natural processes. With modern stove designs there should be no smoke of note produced and your household heating can be considered to contribute nothing to your Carbon Footprint, being effectively Carbon Neutral. 

It is fair to say that a correctly installed DEFRA approved stove is one of a group of the most environmentally responsible domestic heating systems available, along with solar heating and ground heat capture. They can be used in Smoke Controlled areas and the initial outlay on the stove and installation is an investment which you will appreciate throughout several decades of use. Even if you take the green argument to it's absolute extreme. After all when your stove reaches the end of it's serviceable life, there are no composite materials and the constituent iron, steel and glass can all be re-cycled.

Articles authored By Any Taylor 

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John Neville - Gadgetman Tech Repairs - Selby

Northern Living - Gadgetman Tech Repairs - Selby. Mobile tech device screen and systems repair.We've all had a crisis with a mobile phone, tablet or other valuable tech gadget, often just outside warrent and we often find computer repairers won't touch them. That's where Gadgetman Tech Repair come in very handy. Based in Selby, North Yorkshire Gadgetman Tech Repairs offer a suite of repair options for mobile phone, tablets and other Tech Gadgets. Screen replacements are available for most Android mobiles, Iphone, Ipad and Ipods, Tablets and Kindle.

Front and rear colour changes are available for a wide range of Iphone models. They can also assist with operating system recovering after failed updates etc.

Drowned phones aren't always as dead as they might appear. Using a solvent bath and replacing a couple of minor components will usually be sufficient to restore your cherished phone to full working order.

Find them on Facebook here They can collect your device, repair it and return it to you at your home address, often within an hour or so in the Selby area.

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IML Building Services

Northern Living - IML Building ServicesWith over 20 years experience IML Building have numerous customers throughout the Yorkshire region. Based between Selby and York they cover an area including Selby, York, Harrogate and Wetherby and are more than happy to travel further if required. Their core services include prestige renovations & developments, extensions, loft & garage conversions, renovations & alterations, plastering & joinery and home maintenance.

With expertise working with both quarried stone and brick ILM provide the sort of craftsmanship you desire, making your extension look like it is an original feature of yout home. Not an afterthought.

For further information or a quotation feel free to call Iain on  07967 008865 or 01757 268614

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Wishing you a warm and comfortable New Year - From House Warming Selby

Wishing you a warm and comfortable New Year - From House Warming SelbyHousewarming Selby offer a complete installation service for woodburning and multi-fuel stoves within an area of about 15 miles centred on Selby, North Yorkshire. This includes areas such as Wetherby, Tadcaster, York and surrounding villages. Pocklington and Market Weighton, Goole, Thorne, Hatfield, Doncaster, Pontefract, Castleford and Wakefield. With 50 years experience in solid fuel heating we are familiar with pretty much all solid fuel appliances. We carry a massive range of spares and if by any chance we dont have what you need give us a couple of days and as long as its still in existence we will have it for you. Should you be having problems with you fire, stove, boiler etc., we have engineers with a wealth of experience who can identify and rectify any problems to get you back up and running in no time at all. Our stocks of spares mean you wont be waiting weeks for parts to Arrive. 

We would like to wish all our customers a warmer and comfortable New Year. We re-open after the seasonal break on Monday 5th January at 9am. It should be snug in the showroom by quarter past... For those of you who unfortunately missed an open installation date before Christmas we have various dates and installation teams available throughout January.  This is also a busy time of year for stove services. If you found that your stove wasn't preforming at it's peak output over Christmas just give us a call on 01757 212992 and we will be please to arrange a service for you. Annual servicing of all solid fuel appliances is strongly recommended. Solid fuel fires that are not operating correctly can, as with gas fires, release of Carbon Monoxide into your property. A simple service carried out by our HETAS registered engineers usually only takes a couple of hours and can save you money by reducing your fuel usage and more importantly ensure your safety.

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Quality Carpets, Flooring and Beds - Wimbles Carpets & Interiors

Northern Living - Quality carpets, flooring and beds - Wimbles Carpets & Interiors Selby North YorkshireWith over 30 years retail experience I know how important customer service is and my aim is to always exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a carpet or any type of flooring contact me with your requirements and arrange for me to visit, You can choose in the comfort of your own home. No job is too small or too large and we offer a free measuring and quotation service.


Choosing a carpets for a room is a crucial decision. To make this as easy as possible we come to you, giving you the opportunity to choose the style and design of your carpet in the room where it will be laid. With over 30 years experience we're well placed to help you make the right decision. We have a huge range of woven or tufted carpets from the best names in the industry. Including pure wool carpets and stain resistant options. Woven carpets have the advantage of being dimensionally stable and they retain their appearance. Whereas tufted carpets being generally plain in design but manufactured in an economic way, are great value for money. Our range of carpets will suit any tastes with patterns and colours that can create the right environment in any room. Strong colours will make a room feel smaller whereas lighter colours will make a room feel bigger, plus colours can also be used to influence the temperature feel of a room. Stripes are very effective on stairs with shaggy textures being used more in bedrooms as these all add more interest to the floor rather than just a plain flat finish. Nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet. Carpeting provides a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play and add the luxury feel that you might not experience with a vinyl or laminate floor. Yes a carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl or tile, but there's simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort.

Vinyl Flooring

We also supply an extensive range of vinyl floor coverings. Vinyl is without a doubt one of the most practical flooring types. Vinyl has become sophisticated in its manufacture, with wood and stone designs as well as modern patterns and metallics if you're looking to make a stylish statement. Vinyl is often mistaken for Linoleum (lino flooring); smooth flooring made from the natural materials of linseed oil, pine resin, wood flour, cork powder, limestone dust and jute. Lino floors were once very popular smooth floors, but are now replaced by vinyl flooring due to its cheaper price and easier maintenance. Laminate flooring is built from four basic layers that together make up a laminate floor plank. The top layer is a wear layer to add strength as well as heat and stain resistance to your laminate flooring. The second layer is the decor layer which is the part where the design is printed, so for example, the wood grain. The thickest layer of your laminate floor is the third layer which is specially formulated to add strength, stability and to prevent moisture from seeping through. The final layer of your laminate flooring is a backing to protect the laminate from moisture that comes from below your flooring, without this your laminate floor would warp so it's a really important part of making sure you have the best possible flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring

We source our solid wood flooring from Priory Hardwood Flooring who are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. There are many different suppliers of wood floors . Some not always what they seem. Priory Hardwood Flooring have several ranges available, the Coniston Collection for example is their solid French oak collection:- "Coniston is a range of slow grown French Oak which can be supplied in a variety of widths, grades, thickness and finish options for a traditional floor which can seen in pubs, restaurants, hotels and high street stores nationwide. Although primarily used as flooring this range is also used as wall cladding giving and exceptionally hardwearing finish. This range is produced from selectively felled trees from the Loire Region. Woodlands are regularly monitored to ensure continued growth of strong, straight broadleaf trees. Thinning is a natural process carried out to ensure trees continue to gain the sunlight they require. As trees are felled and sunlight warms the forest floor shoots of regeneration can be seen."

High Quality Beds

We source our bed from Linx Beds Limited. Here are a few details from their site:- "Hi, I'm Peter Hawes, director of Linx Beds Limited. I'm the industry authority on all things 'zip and link'. There are many bed outlets on the web, but we don't know of any that treat their customers as professionally as we do, just see what our customers say on Trust Pilot. We personally oversee the manufacturing of your product from beginning to end and co-ordinate the best delivery method for each and every customer whether you are buying a single headboard or a container load of beds being delivered to the other side of the world". The quality of these beds is outstanding. They are supplied Hotels and B&B S around the country now available to you.

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