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Starting with a splash! - Hull Hot Tub Hire

Starting with a splash! - Hull Hot Tub HireOn May 1st 2015 Hull business Hull Hot Tub Hire launches it's new hot tub hire service, Covering an area of around 30 mile radius from Hull the offer affordable hot tub hire delivered directly to you garden, with tubs available for as little as £90 for a long weekend – Friday to Monday.

Chris Margerison with the backing of his brother Paul who is director of Outdoor Living Hull is venturing into the leisure market and offering a valuable service to customers who wish to try a Hot Tub before investing, those who are planning a party or who will benefit from the therapeutic effects of a Spa. 

They presently have four models available to hire for periods ranging from four days to a week:-

The Dream

The Dreammaker X400

The Intex Pure Spa

The Lay-Z-Spa

Full details of the hot tubs are available on their website where you can also pre-book your delivery.

Hull Hot Tub Hire

52 Dairycoates Ave, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 5DH

07714 578993


Nameless Alpacas Arrive at New Garden Centre Fun Zone!!!!!!

Nameless Alpacas Arrive at New Garden Centre Fun Zone!!!!!!This week there were two new additions to Sammy Seeds Fun Zone at Seedlings Garden Centre….....mother and daughter Alpacas!!! The Garden Centre which is owned and operated by three generations of the Taylor family has recently increased its animal family, with the arrival of chipmunks, rare breed pigs, Rheas and a range of exotic birds.

The two alpacas are currently settling in to their new homes within the petting farm at Seedlings. Sammy Seed's Fun Zone opens at Easter after significant investment by the Taylors. The only problem for the two is that they haven't been named yet so Seedlings owner Faye Taylor hopes that the local population will help out and come up with some inspired names. Faye said "We are going to run a competition via our Facebook Page to hopefully come up with a couple of names for the Alpacas - we are looking to involve the local community on this as hopefully our fun zone within the garden centre will become a popular place for many of the local children to visit and learn about the animals"

Alpacas are from the camelid species and originate from South America. They are closely related to the Lama but are much better tempered and so are great for children to visit and get to know. There will also be the opportunity for the children to feed many of the animals as part of the Fun Zone experience.

Seedlings is getting ready for its seasonal re-launch and also has a cafe and produce shop with the Garden Centre.

For more details visit www.seedlingscarlton.co.uk

Seedlings, Hirst Road, Carlton, Goole DN14 9PX

Telephone: 01405 869622

The benefits of None OEM Ink-Jet and Toner Cartridges.

Northern Living - The benefits of None OEM Ink-Jet and Toner Cartridges.Most domestic printer users are well aware of the benefits of compatible printer cartridges. Although like anything else you get what you pay for. There are some very low cost units available which you might find less than reliable, however generally if you pay a reasonable amount you should find you receive a comparable print quality and number of printed pages as you would expect from an original. Also saving a hefty slice on the cost of the original unit. 

The domestic Ink-Jet market has always had a unique business model. In the very early days printers were heavily subsidized as the initial design and manufacture investment would have made the units prohibitively expense for household use. The manufacturers knew over a period of time they would recoup there subsidy and receive a considerable return over the life of the printer, generated from the profits received through cartridge purchases. This was obviously before compatible cartridges were commonly available. Unfortunately this business model has persisted and although there is very little if any subsidy on new printer purchases today, the enhanced profit margin is still included in the cost of cartridges. This is why it is worthwhile for none OEM manufacturers to design and manufacture compatible units which perform to pretty much the same standards as the original units. There are essentially two types of none OEM cartridges available. There are compatible cartridges, which are new units designed to match the requirement of the original manufacturers units. The second category are re-manufactured cartridges. These are recycled units which have been rigorously cleaned, had there chips reset, refilled and tested. Whichever option you choose you will save a considerable sum over the cost of new cartridges especially if you print numerous sheets on a regular basis. Plus you know you're contributing to the recycling effort. 

Laser printers are generally used more in a commercial setting, although there are budget units available for home use. These use technology not dissimilar to that in a photocopier and use toner cartridges to store very file polymer based toner in black alone and black and the composite colours required for colour printing. Although there are several different melt-point ranges for the actual toner, essentially the cartridge is nothing more that a relatively low-tech container for the toner. As with ink cartridges there are considerable margins built into the cost of original toner cartridges. In a commercial setting compatible / re-manufactured toner cartridges can create considerable stationary budget savings, whilst providing exactly the same print quality and very similar page yields.

Advantage Printer Consumables based in Selby, North Yorkshire offer a comprehensive range of both re-manufactured and compatible cartridges for both Ink-jet and Laser printers. They also offer free UK delivery for both domestic and commercial orders..

Advantage Printer Consumables, Unit 5, Oakney Wood Avenue, Selby Business Park, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 8FQ 

01757 212747 


Household Heating and The Environment.

House Warming Selby supplier and install stoves and fires in the Selby area of North YorkshireWe've all heard catch phrases such as Carbon Footprint, Biomass fuels, Carbon Cycle etc. but what do they actually mean in a real world home heating situation. Without the bias of the green lobby on one side and the fossil fuel industry on the other the general concepts can be made a good deal clearer.

The carbon cycle is an inherent part of the eco-system and has been since plants first evolved. In it's simplest form plants use the energy from sunlight to trap carbon from which they build the material of leaves, stems and roots. When these plants die in the right conditions and in sufficient numbers some of this carbon is trapped in the earths crust and converted through peat eventually to coal and Anthracite, by millions of years of pressure and heat. A similar process converts the oils in marine creatures into natural oils and gas. Under normal conditions the greater majority of this carbon would remain locked away and out of the carbon cycle for millions of years to come. That is obviously without human intervention. These sources of fuel are referred to as fossil fuels and can be considered as long cycle carbon reserves.

Although there are many complicating processes in the carbon cycles as a whole the second fuel source which is of interest to the domestic user are those classified as bio-mass fuels. These include logs, processed wood and it's by products, card and paper etc. Anything which is the by product of living things trapping carbon and then being used directly as fuel. In industrial power production Willow and various fast growing Pampas grasses are regularly used as bio-mass fuels. But these are not practical in a domestic situation. These fuels can be referred to as short cycle carbon reserves, as the carbon is released during a short period of time compared to fossil fuels either by natural decomposition of by being used as fuel in our stoves. The benefit of short cycle fuels is that you are not adding carbon compounds to the atmosphere which were not already present or which would be returned to the atmosphere by natural processes. With modern stove designs there should be no smoke of note produced and your household heating can be considered to contribute nothing to your Carbon Footprint, being effectively Carbon Neutral. 

It is fair to say that a correctly installed DEFRA approved stove is one of a group of the most environmentally responsible domestic heating systems available, along with solar heating and ground heat capture. They can be used in Smoke Controlled areas and the initial outlay on the stove and installation is an investment which you will appreciate throughout several decades of use. Even if you take the green argument to it's absolute extreme. After all when your stove reaches the end of it's serviceable life, there are no composite materials and the constituent iron, steel and glass can all be re-cycled.

Articles authored By Any Taylor 

Housewarming Selby, 56 Flaxley Road, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 4BW

01757 212992


John Neville - Gadgetman Tech Repairs - Selby

Northern Living - Gadgetman Tech Repairs - Selby. Mobile tech device screen and systems repair.We've all had a crisis with a mobile phone, tablet or other valuable tech gadget, often just outside warrent and we often find computer repairers won't touch them. That's where Gadgetman Tech Repair come in very handy. Based in Selby, North Yorkshire Gadgetman Tech Repairs offer a suite of repair options for mobile phone, tablets and other Tech Gadgets. Screen replacements are available for most Android mobiles, Iphone, Ipad and Ipods, Tablets and Kindle.

Front and rear colour changes are available for a wide range of Iphone models. They can also assist with operating system recovering after failed updates etc.

Drowned phones aren't always as dead as they might appear. Using a solvent bath and replacing a couple of minor components will usually be sufficient to restore your cherished phone to full working order.

Find them on Facebook here They can collect your device, repair it and return it to you at your home address, often within an hour or so in the Selby area.

Feel free to call on  07703 540658



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